About Us


JBA was founded in the late 1970s by a female computer scientist who managed different projects in IT, and saw a market for supporting companies through building a consultancy. Thus, Jacqueline Buickians and Associates (JBA) was formed. Throughout the years, demand set in for recruitment and we expanded our services in this area. We diversified our offerings for different positions, expanding our company focus from technology to fields like accounting, legal, marketing, administrative, and most recently, warehouse support. Today, JBA provides services beyond recruitment, supporting companies with creative services like digital marketing, employer branding, and training. Building from 35 years in business, our complementing services add value to our clients in this evolving global market.

Where we fit in the market today

The changing nature of organizations, work and workplace is unpredictable, dynamic and demanding. Success does not come with infrastructure, capital, or technology, but by the creativity, drive, and commitment of people.

Our commitment to our clients and talent enables to us to integrate traditional media with innovative solutions customized for success.

  • We are unique because we are flexible and competitive.
  • We are unique because we focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • We are unique because we care about our customers and talent.

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Our Services

Talent Acquisition

Employer Branding

Corporate Training

Digital Marketing