We Are All About Communication


  • Your motivation
  • Your goals
  • Areas of development
  • The kind of company you would like to join
  • Work style
  • Your current position
  • Your personality
  • Work-life balance


  • Our clients’ open positions
  • Their culture
  • Salary structure
  • Benefits
  • Whether you would like to be presented to them

Remember when
the job is right
and the purpose
is met then the
interview is a

Your Talent

  • We evaluate your resume and match it to the open positions.
  • Put skills front and center.
  • Show off achievements.
  • Create a summary note for experience beyond 12 years.
  • Keep the resume simple and clean.
  • We make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume.
  • Making sure you are presenting yourself professionally.


How you present yourself is important

  • Prepare with purpose: What value do you provide, impress the client by finding out more about the organization.
  • If you fail the interview, think outside of the box.
  • For that high paying position, we suggest to take time to prepare and get ready for that big step.
  • Maybe for that management position, to take a 1-2 week courses to get certified, 1-2 weeks of classes to brush up on your writing skills, or learn about the new technologies.
  • Walking every day can relax and prepare you for the interview.



  • Storytelling with a little bit of your personality lead to success.
  • Have you asked yourself why you like certain books, movies, or a speaker?
  • Share a story: “The offshore project had over 300 Quality Assurance resources and were behind schedule by 3 months. The VP asked me to instigate. I found out the problem is the culture and communication. So I asked one of the offshore managers to travel to US and together we were able to get the project off the ground to success. I was able to save the company millions of dollars with rewards and recognition.”
  • Read the job description and pick a story that is short and relevant to the position. Always tell the truth.
  • Find out why they have the opening. Is it because of growth or someone left the company.
  • What are their pain-points?
  • Be ready to demonstrate your capabilities.

Once you are hired, we stay in touch making sure the work environment is complementing you and if there are any concerns, we can help you identify and help you address them before you quit or get discouraged.


Even if you change your mind and stay with your current employer, we still stay in touch. Not to headhunt you but maybe help you in getting that promotion with your organization.

It’s ok to
change your